Short Film (Postproduction) - University of Television and Film Munich - 37'45''

At the New Year's Eve party of his law firm, Felix, a young lawyer is blackmailed into stealing confidential documents from his employer. During his break-in, he discovers evidence on a crime that turns everything he believed to know about his employer and his friends upside down. As the city's establishment feverishly awaits the New Year, Felix must navigate through the contradictions of his colleagues and friends in search of evidence - and decide whether he is ruled by his career or his conscience.

• 22nd Long Island International Film Expo / USA - Official Selection

• 17th Riverside International Film Festival / USA - Official Selection



StepStone - Student Spec-Spot - 1'00''

There are some events that you know will go down in history: The world has come together to see astronaut Steve Jones become the first Man on Mars.

A Speculative Spot, created at University of Television and Film Munich. With friendly approval but no further support of StepStone.


Bericht W&V


Moosehead Lager - Student Spec-Spot - 2'00''

Welcome to a modern fairytale world where one can enjoy beer from the bottle and stumble across talking moose. For a few hours Steve tried to find a drinking companion, but only got a bottled beer. When on his way home he passes a castle, he changes his plans for the evening and breaks in to conquer the princess's heart - with flowers.

A Speculative Spot, created at University of Television and Film Munich. With friendly approval but no further support of Moosehead Brewery.

• Golden Award of Montreux / Talent Award: Finalist


Bericht W&V

Bericht Horizont


Simply Munich - Image Film - 1'45''

Cleverness, physical fitness and quick reflexes are necessary to survive in this job. Four tourist guides are responsible for a handful of international tourists who work with all the tricks to avoid leaving the Bavarian capital Munich. This is where intensive persuasion is needed as friends and relatives are waiting for the runaways at home.

• New York Festivals TV & Film Awards - Gold World Medal

• Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards: Silver Dolphin

• 28. Internationale Wirtschaftsfilmtage Wien: Prix Victoria (Silver)

• The Golden City Gate Berlin - Second Star

• 50. Tourfilm Festival / International Competition: Special Mention

• ART&TUR: 2nd prize in Tourism services

• Amorgos Tourism Film Festival: 2nd prize in Tourism services


Bericht W&V



Short Film - University of Television and Film Munich - 24'00''

Having moved to an isolated house in Tuscany, pregnant Cecilia and her artist husband Miika are trying to fix their relationship by leaving modern city life and starting from scratch. But deep-rooted fears aren’t solved by easy solutions.

• Festival Internacional de Cine de León / Mexico - Official Short Film Selection

• Blow Up Chicago International Arthouse Film Festival / USA: Finalist



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